Servicing your car regularly is important for the efficient functioning of your car, better fuel consumption and ensuring a long life for your car engine.

What happens if your car is not serviced in a long time?

Throughout the normal operation of the car, the engine oil becomes saturated with dirt such as soot and other combustion by-products. This dirt saturated oil will over time result in:

  • Being unable to efficiently flow and lubricate
  • Depletion of additives that help the oil perform various functions. For instance, the base reserves get consumed hence loses the ability to fight acidity
  • Oil oxidation which affects the engine oil’s viscosity and ability to lubricate

The driving conditions would also affect the engine oil’s ability to perform. For instance, high engine temperatures due to overloading or frequent start-stop operations like in traffic would shorten the drain intervals.

So how often should I do an oil change?

It is advisable to have the oil change done frequently and as per the prescriptions by the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s). Different car models have an OEM defined viscosity and performance specifications for the lubricant as well as prescribed oil drain or service intervals.

Always ensure you use lubricants that meet the required specifications for your car.

Important to also note is that there is a need to always change your oil filter as you change your oil. By doing this, you avoid the risk of contaminating the newly replaced oil with the dirt trapped on the old oil filter.

At AutoXpress, we recommend the use of PETRONAS oil. This is the same fluid technology solution developed for Lewis Hamilton and the Mercedes AMG Formula One® (F1) team. We have it available in Synthetic (Syntium) and Mineral (Mach 5) for passenger and SUV/4X4 vehicles.

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