Maintaining proper tyre inflation pressure is the single most important things you can do to promote safety and tyre tread life.

  • Underinflated tyres are the leading cause of tyre failure and may result in severe cracking or component separation
  • Tyre over-inflation increases stiffness, which may deteriorate ride and generate unwanted vibration

Why proper tyre air pressure is essential:

  • Underinflation increases tread wear on the outer edges and generates excessive heat, which can age tyres faster
  • Fuel economy is reduced as rolling resistance increases — soft tyres make your vehicle work harder
  • Too much air pressure causes the centre tread to carry most of the car’s weight, leading to faster deterioration and uneven wear

All tyre manufacturers recommend that tyres always be inflated to the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations.  This information can be located on the inner edge of the door, glove box, or fuel cap.  To maintain proper inflation, check your tyre pressure when they are cold.  Rhttps://giphy.com/gifs/hR5TWcJv4pD3VNJXGSemember to check the pressure in all of your tyres, including the spare, every month.

Inspect your tyres for uneven tread wear, if you see wear on the edges or in the centre of your tyre, visit your local tyre garage.  The minimum tread depth of your tyre is 1.6mm, anything below will deem the tyre infit for use.

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