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AutoXpress has the perfect tyre for you, no matter where your journey takes you. We offer a wide range of tyres from the world's leading brands at competitive prices.

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Wheel Balancing

Making sure your wheels rotate smoothly and free-of-vibration - that's the aim of wheel balancing! It can give you a smooth, even ride when all four (or two!) tyres are weighed out evenly.

Wheel Alignment

Ensures your vehicle's wheels are perfectly in sync and functioning optimally. Getting it done properly ensures a smooth and comfortable ride, prolonging the life of your tyres.

Tyre Rotation

This is the process of moving each tyre from its position on one axle to another. It helps maintain optimal grip and performance.

Why Choose Us?


Best-in-class Premium Brands

We stock a wide range of quality tyres from passenger, SUV, trucks, buses, motorbikes, and agricultural vehicles.

Superior Quality Service

Every new tyre we fit comes with a warranty PLUS a tyre damage guarantee which provides cover against any road hazards. Read More


Xpress Fitting

Drive in at your convenience and get your tyres fitted, balanced and aligned within an hour - while you watch!

Our Exciting Offers and Deals

Discover our amazing deals and promotions. With so many great offers on the table, you won't want to miss out! From our unbeatable every day low prices, to discounts and much more, our offers are sure to get you the best value for your money.

Tips and Advice

Wheel balancing can improve your driving

Wheel balancing can improve your car's performance and enhance your driving experience. Find out how with this blog post!

What causes misaligned wheels?

Learn more about the causes of misaligned wheels and warning signs that you may need wheel alignment. Get all your questions answered with AutoXpress!

Tyre maintenance tips to make your tyres last longer

Don't waste time and money replacing your tyres prematurely! 
Follow these simple tyre maintenance tips.
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