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Covered against any tyre damage!

No matter where you travel within the country, should something happen to your tyre, we’ll replace it, and you only pay for the tread you’ve used.

Travel with peace of mind. You never know when those unexpected expenses might arise!

XtraSure Tyre Damage Guarantee

With every purchase of select premium and mid tier Passenger or SUV tyres at any AutoXpress fitment centres in Kenya, one automatically qualifies for an XtraSure Tyre Damage Guarantee (XS TDG). This Guarantee protects you, the owner of the vehicle, from paying for any repairs or replacement of tyres damaged by road hazards ,including but not limited to rocks, broken glass, nails, kerbs and potholes. In case of replacement, you receive a credit for what you have not used when replacing the tyre.


XS TDG covers select Passenger and SUV tyres that are purchased, fitted and balanced at any AutoXpress Fitment Centre across Kenya, provided that the vehicle that the tyres are fitted on, is used for private or personal use and is present at the AutoXpress Fitment Centre.

Not covered:

Vehicles used for commercial purposes like Taxis, Matatus, Tour Vans and Pick-Ups are excluded from this cover.
Run-flat tyres

Period of Cover

XtraSure Tyre Damage Guarantee is FREE OF CHARGE for the first year excluding budget tyre brands. The guarantee can be extended for a second year at a pre-set cost as advised by your Customer Service Agent.

The additional cover can be purchased at the same time as the tyre purchase or at any time within the first year. The period of cover is from the initial date of purchase of tyre.

However, the XS TDG is only valid for Passenger tyres with a minimum remaining tread depth (RTD) of I.5 mm and SUV tyres with a minimum RTD of 2.5 mm.

NOTE: The Tyre Damage Guarantee is not FREE for the first year for Budget Tyre brands i.e. Roadwing, RoadX, Blackhawk, Westlake, Hifly, Tourador

Terms & Conditions

1. The cover is not transferable to any other vehicle or person
2. The XS TDG entitles you to a maximum of I tyre replacement or 3 repairs per covered tyre provided that any repairs are carried out an AutoXpress Centre only
3. The XS TDG covers the cost of fitting, but does not cover the cost of wheel balancing or wheel alignment
4. The sum covered is limited to KES 70,000 including VAT per covered tyre, irrespective of the purchase price of the covered tyre and shall not be paid in cash. It will constitute a credit towards the purchase of a new tyre from AutoXpress Limited
5. The remaining tread depth will be measured at 3 points on the tyre and the credit will be based on the lowest measurement taken. (The left, centre & right hand side of the tread area)
6. The XS TDG Guarantee applies to the price of tyres indicated on the purchase invoice, not on the prevailing price of the tyres
7. The XS TDG covers select Passenger and SUV tyre brands at AutoXpress
8. Budget brand of tyres do not get a free cover for the first year i.e Westlake, Hifly, BlackHawk, and any other budget brands
9. While AutoXpress will make every possible effort to locate an exact replacement, if it is not possible for any reason, e.g., the tyre is obsolete, or the pattern has been superseded by a newer pattern or is simply out of stock, AutoXpress reserves the right to offer an alternative of equivalent value to the initial tyre purchased. In the event the customer would prefer an alternative brand, and it is available and more expensive than the one originally purchased, he or she would be required to pay the difference in price
10. The damaged tyre will remain the property of AutoXpress.
11. At the discretion of AutoXpress, tyres which they deem to be damaged by criminal or malicious action, vandalism, improper use, fire, theft, used in a competitive sport, road accidents, repaired by another garage, mechanical defects of the vehicle and driving on incorrect pressure or are specifically excluded from cover under this guarantee
12. AutoXpress reserves the right to alter these terms and conditions at any time with immediate effect by placing the amended terms and conditions on its website (
13. The Guarantee is only applicable in the country of purchase
14. The XSTDG is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, and does not cover consequential loss or damage
15. The customer's statutory rights are not affected by the terms of this guarantee

How to register for XSTDG

At the time of purchase of tyres, you will be requested to provide the AutoXpress Customer Service Agent with the following information to enable them to register your XS TDG on your account.

- Full Name
- Mobile Number
- Email
- Vehicle Registration Number
- Make and Model of the vehicle
- Current mileage of the vehicle
- Brand, Size and Pattern of tyre purchased and fitted
- DOT Number of the tyre
- AutoXpress Invoice Number

AutoXpress and their underwriters for the XS TDG guarantee, in accordance with the data protection act 2019, will only use the above customer data internally for the management of the XS TDG program and the customer is aware and agrees to this use of the information.

How It Works

Should you have an incident where one or more of your covered tyres are damaged, you should submit it or them for a claim at any AutoXpress fitment centre within 48hours after the event that caused the damage occurred. The AutoXpress tyre professional will evaluate whether the damaged tyre can be repaired or needs replacement. If the tyre is repairable, it will be repaired free of charge. If the tyre requires replacement, then the AutoXpress Customer Service Agent will establish the amount that will need to be paid for the replacement tyre. The procedure is as follows:

Within 30 days or I,000 kms

Within 30 days from purchase of the covered tyres or within the first I,000 km of driving on the covered tyre(s) after fitment, as specified on the AutoXpress invoice, whichever comes first, the customer will receive a full credit towards the purchase of the same or similar new tyre (s) from AutoXpress.

After 30 days or 1,000 kms

For events occurring after 30 days from inception of the cover or after the first I,000 km of driving on the covered tyre, whichever comes first, the AutoXpress Customer Service Staff will establish the amount that will be need to be paid for the replacement tyre. For any covered event, the sum covered will be calculated by first measuring the remaining tread depth of the covered tyre, and then deducting from that the excess of I.5 mm or 2.5 mm for passenger and SUV tyres respectively. This figure represents the remaining useable tread. The remaining useable tread will be expressed as a percentage of the original tread depth (less the excess of I.5 mm or 2.5 mm for passenger and SUV tyres respectively) of the covered tyre, and thereafter be multiplied by the original purchase price of the covered tyre from AutoXpress. The value, as determined using the above formula, will constitute the Kenya Shilling value of the credit that the customer will be entitled to use towards the purchase of a new tyre.

User Obligations

When a customer has damaged a tyre that is covered under the XS TDG, the customer can go to any AutoXpress branch to make a claim. The AutoXpress Customer Service Agent then needs to verify the following information on the customers profile/account.

- Full Name
- Identification Card/Passport
- Vehicle Registration Number
- Make and Model of Car
- Current mileage of your vehicle
- DOT Number of Tyre
- Your original invoice or XS TDG cover number from AutoXpress


1. What should I do if I encounter a puncture or tyre damage and I am not able to get to an AutoXpress branch for repair?

Call or WhatsApp on 0709872000 or email with the following details:

- Car registration number
- Details of damage (Include image if possible)
- Location of incident
- A customer care agent will get in touch with you to advise on further steps

2. What are the common reasons for my tyre wearing out?

- Misaligned tyres
- Unbalanced tyres
- Incorrect tyre pressure
- Overloading of vehicle
- Worn out suspension parts
- Visit us for a FREE inspection at least every 5,000 km

3. What's the difference between Manufacturer's Warranty and XS TDG?

- XS TDG covers any damages that occur due to road hazards
- XS TDG is covered by AutoXpress
- Manufacturer's warranty covers a customer against manufacturing defects
- Manufacturer's warranty is covered by the Manufacturer
For more information, get in touch.
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